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Being Tech Founders Ourselves,

We’ve Had Our Share of Encounters With Other Buyers

The truth is…selling your business can be frustrating.  Having gone through the process firsthand, we can easily say it was a dejecting experience.  We didn’t understand why it had to be such a complicated and demoralizing process with private equity firms.  So we took all the things we hated and came up with a simpler, more thoughtful process that was more suited for founders like us.

We Promise to:

Be Transparent

No games, no hidden agendas.

Preserve Your Legacy

Operate it for years to come.


Laying down a clear path.

Seller Friendly

Simple terms, Upfront cash.

Preserve Culture

Embrace your unique culture.

Our Team

Roger Chang

Roger brings more than 20 years of experience in creating and investing in technology companies.

Ever since he was a teenager, Roger has had an avid interest in technology and business. Those interests led to Roger co-founding his first B2C SaaS company in 2000. The company has grown to hundreds of employees and generates 9 digits of revenue. He is still a shareholder of that company today.

As an investor, Roger has invested and mentored over 50 startup technology companies. He has achieved a 4X return on his startup investments.

Roger graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. In his free time, he enjoys practicing tennis, pickleball, boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Nazair “Naz” Khan

Naz’s superpower is building and enhancing amazing SaaS products.  Creating, optimizing and scaling product portfolio’s that matter is what energizes him.

The keys to his success is quickly adapting to new insights, building great teams, and focusing on key drivers for growth.

Naz has 12+ yrs of experience in product development & marketing.  He’s a former product leader at Match Group and Omnicom Group Inc. While backpacking the world, Naz also founded a social event app called Twoish.

He holds a degree in BSEET and an MBA from DeVry University.  When Naz isn’t building products, you can find him trying to armbar Roger or practicing a new judo throw.  He is also an avid backpacker and has traveled to 45+ countries.  

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